Jun 022013



Minecraft is a great game that’s been available for a few years now. I’ve played it from the early beta versions as have my kids, in fact, they play it more than me now. They have their own server that they play on with their friends from school which is a great way for them to play but occasionally leaves an issue for me. Whenever Minecraft is updated, which can be quite often, it usually means an update is required to the server application as well.

My kids aren’t quite upto manually downloading the new server file and putting it safely into the right place so I’ve come up with a solution using Automator.

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Nov 202012


The iPhone has always been an expense that I just couldn’t justify. A phone that cost just too much to buy and too much to run. There were other phones that were free with only a small monthly outlay. There was no way I was going to spend that much on a phone . . .

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Mar 092012

So there was this event on Wednesday, wasn’t huge or well publicised so you might not have heard . . .
Apple had a few things to say, a few things to update and a few things to release. If you’ve got an hour or two to kill then head on over to Apple and watch the whole keynote presentation, there’s some interesting stuff there but of real interest to me was iPhoto for iPad . . .

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Jan 232012

Some applications run in the background, some applications can respawn when killed or if they crash, some applications start when OSX is booted and some applications just will not go away.
How do you stop a problem application starting on boot or, if you’ve deleted the application, stop it filling your log files with spurious messages reporting that it’s tried to start but can’t find the files?

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Apr 192011

Well, I took the plunge and purchased an iPad 2 on release day, even after all the indecisiveness of last year concerning the first iPad I was determined to get this one. There was still no defining reason but the price had dropped a little, the performance increased a lot and the apps are getting good. After 2 weeks of constant use, here’s what I think.
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Mar 202011

So you’ve watched some flash videos in Safari and found some that you like that you want to show your friends in the Pub  and streaming them every time you want to watch them is causing havoc with your bandwidth and data cap allowance. It’s annoying isn’t it. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could just save them to your Mac and sync them to whatever device you have?

It certainly would and I have the answer.

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Jan 262011

I’m a game player, video games, PC games even board games. Before I left the dark side of PC’s and Windows, I was always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware to get the most FPS (Frames Per Second) from the current game. When I purchased my first iMac, my gaming moved to the Xbox 360 and that six monthly upgrade hell was put behind me.

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